Essay writing at school

When I was at school I had many friends that were not good at essay writing at all. Unlike them, I was quite talented when it came to analyzing and writing some stuff, especially during our literature, psychology and philosophy subjects. I really enjoyed these assignments and usually got excellent marks on them.

That’s why many of my classmates were very jealous and even angry with me. They started asking the teachers to give us tests rather than essay writings, but very often they would not agree with them because they enjoyed reading good works. That’s what made them even angrier.

It was around ninth or tenth grade then the guys started picking on me really hard. I guess this is when puberty hit them and they started forcing me doing their essay writing instead of them. This was really hard for me, because we were in the same class so we got the same assignments and I had to write the same essay several times. And since the bullies wanted to get good marks too I had to put my best ideas into their home works, rather than into mine. And since all of my beliefs were divided into several different essays, that’s why none of us got good marks. The guys did not really care about my lowered marks, but were quite angry that they do not get one too.

This continued for a little more than half a year and I started to see no getting out of this situation. The only thing I could do is try even harder make everyone happy. Needless to say, I was not very successful. I tried to talk to them but they would not hear me. They even threatened me that if I tell the teachers that I do their essay writing assignments they will “make me regret that so hard”. That’s why I gave up the idea and decided to simply go with the situation.

Fortunately for me, my teacher had some doubts and suspicions for a while and decided to take the situation into her own hands without making me a part of it. One time she praised one of the guys on the good essay that he has written and made him explain his motives for defending his particular thesis, without telling him what the thesis actually was. Of course, the guy has not made the effort to read my essay before he handled it in and that’s how she embarrassed him and made him admit that he has not been doing his home work.

She did not mention my name but told him to stop doing this anymore and that if she ever caught him in this scam he will have to repeat the whole year again. That was enough to make the guy stop harassing me and to scare the rest of the guys, too. For about a month or so the whole drama with the essay writing was forgotten and I could live freely again.

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