Earn Money By Writing Essays and Articles

For those people who enjoy writing, such hobby can be used not only for pastime but this can also serves as a bankable skill that can help you make money online. Schools and universities always requires students to compose essays but not all of them consider essay writing as their “cup of tea.”

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In fact, most of them might even hate writing compositions, research papers and essays and they would love to “outsource” such tasks. Furthermore, even without such demand from students, the world-wide web have thousands of website owners that also prefers outsourcing writing tasks as well as job applicants who prefer to outsource resume writing.

This resulted to huge demand for essay writing, web content and research papers. This potential was then taken advantage by entrepreneurs through establishing websites and companies that offers customized essays or research papers.However, when choosing sources of essay writing companies, you should evaluate each website in terms of compensation and expectations to their writers as well as qualifications needed.

Here are the following websites that could help you land a job in freelance writing.

1. Essay Writers.net

This website provides a friendly wwriters’ community, global clients and competitive rewards. For professional writers who do not have a job or a project, they offer a continuous supplies of orders (except for non-peak seasons) and freedom of choice. If you are a student, you can also accept part time and you also have the choice to create your own schedule as well as promising opportunities for growth and competitive compensation. Another great thing about this site is you can choose customers’ orders. Even if you are jobless and still looking for employment, you can select orders and write for them.

Why you should join them:

    Competitive rewards Writers can earn up to $30 per page.

  • Bonuses for the best writers If the client finds your work excellent, the company will pay you an additional 20% extra of the order price
  • Continuous flow of orders
  • Wide variety of subjects to choose from This means that you can always find a topic of your interest and specialty
  • 24/7 Writers Support any questions about your orders or our guidelines can be accommodated by our 24/7 support
  • receive your wages twice a month, orders completed from the 1st from the 15th will be paid between the 1st day to 3rd day of the following month and payments from the orders accomplished from 16th through the 31st day of the month will be sent between 15th to 18th of the following month
  • Access to the electronic academic resources such as Questia.
  • Efficient online system for supporting writers
  • fast registration once application
  • real-time communications with customers and support team
  • accepts native and non native English Speakers
  • they also accepts professionals to their team of writers
  • payment can be made through bank (wire) transfer, PayPal, Alert Pay and Moneybookers

If you want to know whether you are qualified for the job, click here to check the FAQ

2. Academic Experts.us

Unlike essaywriting.net that provides a variety of assignments ranging from Academic, web content, resume writing and articles, Academic Experts mainly focuses on academic writing such as essays, research papers, thesis, dissertation etc. Similarly, writers can choose assignments of their interests.

Communications with customers and administration are allowed and they also offer the best compensation plan, starting from $7 to $31 per page. However unlike essay writing.net that accepts writers who only graduated with Bachelor Degrees, this site requires applicants to have at least Master’s degree. If you are only a college graduate, then chances of being accepted is zero, although they accept both Native English speakers and ESL applicants (means people who consider English language as their second language).

Other reasons why you should join:

Flexible schedule
24/7 support,
prompt payment
orders that belongs to wide variety of academic subjects of your interests

for more info, click here

3. Eco20-20

What makes Eco2020 unique from other freelance companies is that they only accept writers who are willing to write topics related to Green world and clean energy. Click here if you are interested to join

4. Academic Essay Writing.co.uk

The site is quite similar to essaywriting.net and academic experts, however, they only accepts applicants based on UK, United States and Canada. No information about compensation plan is presented since the site is only for customers and not for member writers. Click the title of this section for more details

5. Active Trader

This site is looking for professionals who are knowledgeable about Forex Trading and Stock Market Trading. A skill in writing is also a must. However, they require articles that discusses detailed concepts and not general articles. For example, they do not accept articles stating that risks should be avoided but it should state how to do it. If you think you qualify, you may apply for them but i have no idea about their compensation plan since it is not presented in their website as of this writing.

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